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Finding schools

Finding the right school for your child is very important. Some neighborhoods have more than one school district but others only have one. If the public school is not for your child then you will have to turn to the yellow pages to locate a private school.

Private schools allow you to sign in your child even if you do not live in the neighborhood. Private school is a great choice for higher learning but they might not be too light on your pocketbook. Some private schools can be very expensive.

Sometimes a private school has a tuition assistance program for low income families. When talking to private schools staff you should learn all you can about tuition assistance.

If you decide to let your child go to the local public school you need to make sure that if they are walking that the path is a safe one. You should drive up the streets that your child will be walking on to check things out. If it is not safe then you will need to drive them or arrange transportation.

Talk to the bus driver to see how the bus environment is. Make sure that it is safe for your child and that there is a drivers assistant on board.










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