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Moving with your pet

Sometimes it can be complicated when moving with a pet. Aside from having to update vet records, you may have a pet that the law requires you to register with the state and you have to notify them of the change in address.

If you have a dog walker or a pet caregiver they will need to be notified so they can start coming to the new addess.

If you are traveling with a caged pet make sure the cage is secured. Sometimes pets such as birds can get out if a door were loose. You are responsible for any pets that cause damage or harm anyone also.

You may have to retrain your pet for the new home. If they were house broken and suddenly their restroom were moved they may not adjust so easily.

Introduce your neighbors to your pet. This is a good way to prevent any trouble if your dog is barking at night. They would knock or call before they called the police because they have a relationship with you and your pet.

Spend time with your pet in the new home to make sure he/she has adjusted to the new surroundings. This will ensure that they stay house broken.









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