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Moving your kids

When you have kids it is a good idea to make sure they stay occupied during the move. If you are spending a good amount of time at the new location during the move make sure you bring plenty of toys, dvd's, and games to keep the child busy. This will keep the kids out of the way while movers are bringing in your belongings.

Make sure the kids are in a room with little traffic. They may get hurt if they walk in front of a mover. The movers may not be able to see small children and accicdents can happen.

Move your microwave and other appliences you may need to make your children some food. If they are at the new home with you they are bound to get hungry.

If the kids are small you should use cups with lids to make sure they do not spill the drink on the new carpet. Kids are notorious for having an "accident" with their beverage.

Pack and move the childs bed first. While at the new home they may need to take a nap.










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