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Moving your office

When moving an office you have alot of work ahead of you. You have to make sure that your operation runs smoothly even during the move process.

You should schedule your utilities and services to be disconnected a day after you move. This way the utilities and services would have a lower chance of accidentially being disconnected early. An early disruption may cause you to lose business.

At the same time it is important to schedule your new services to be connected a week early. Sometimes a phone company for example will not be able to send anyone out for a week or so. This can be devistating if you waited until the last minute to call the company. I personally have made the mistake in the past with my cable. I did not have my high speed internet for a full 6 days! I had to run my business from the library.

Your employees need to know the new location and when they are supposed to be there. If they get it in a written memo they should have no excuse to be late or tardy.

Mail should be changed immediately. You need to make sure your clients are sending you the check in the right place. While it is smart to notify everyone of the move it is also wise to forward all mail just in case there is someone you forgot to notify.



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