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Proper packing

Faulty packing is the most common cause of broken items during the move. To make sure your valuables make it to the new location in one piece we have put together the following packing tips:

When you are moving dishes you should wrap them up individually in bubble wrap. It is common for people to wrap them in newspaper but realistically they will still break if rattled around a bit. Bubble wrap will give them a higher level of protection.

When loving large items such as a tall mirror you should place them in a thick blanket to prevent breakage. You want to make sure the item is completely wrapped inside the blanket for maximum protection.

Moving your computer or other electronics must be done with care. Moisture can permanently damage electronics. Even if it is not noticable at first, the item will short when it is plugged in. This is due to moisture sitting on the electrical boards in the item. Place the electronics in some sort of plastic. For example if your item is a full size tower computer you can wrap it in a garbage bag then turn it over and wrap it in another garbage bag to completely cover the item. This also helps when you are moving while it is raining.

Mark your wrapped items if possible so that the movers know that the item is fragile. When a mover sees the word fragile on the item they will handle it with care. This will help ensure that your item makes it to the new location in one piece.








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