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Wrapping it up

While we covered the basics of proper packing, we have included a list of things that should always be wrapped up below.

  • Electronics - These should be wrapped to prevent moisture from entering the electronic item. It is also wise to pack it to prevent damage of the electrical curcuits inside.
  • Glass and Fragile Items - These should be wrapped for obvious reasons. They range from mirrors to ceramics. If you want it to make it to the other side then you need to make sure you wrap it.
  • Large Items - These include pictures and wall paintings. It also includes entertainment centers that may get scuffed up in the truck or if it were to hit a wall on it's way in or out of a building.
  • Pets - Well you dont actually wrap them up. You want to make sure they are secure in their habitat and that there are no water bowls that will spill over everything. Make sure cages are closed tightly so your birds or other animals do not get out during the move.










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